About Us

Some 80 percent of Americans report living with pain. Chronic or acute pain can quickly decrease a person’s quality of life. Constant pain can also cause loss of employment, depression, isolation and other social issues. At Arkansas Pain our healthcare team works with patients to find both the source of pain, and how to best provide relief. Our mission is to help patients find an improved quality of life through pain relief.

At Arkansas Pain, we use the best diagnostic technologies available. First, we determine the cause of a patient’s pain. Then, we determine the best method of treating and relieving this pain by working with the patient. We offer the most advanced treatment options in the field of pain management.

Our practice is a community leader in pain management diagnostics and treatment options, including:

• X-ray guided epidural injections
• Facet blocks
• Radiofrequency ablation
• Percutaneous disc decompression
• Spinal cord stimulators
• Implantable infusion pumps
• Vertebroplasty
• M.I.L.D.

In addition to offer patients a variety of pain treatment options, we also ensure those who come to our practice have access to detailed educational materials. This access to condition and treatment information gives patients and their families be ability to make the most informed decisions concerning their health.

Acute pain is sharp and instantaneous. It may develop from a recent injury, surgery, or medical illness. Just as this pain comes on quickly, it may also be managed swiftly.
Primary care physician may refer patients with acute pain to a pain management physician to help during healing.

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is persistent pain that builds with time. Chronic pain sufferers may also be referred to a pain management specialist from a primary care physician. Pain management physicians will determine the source and best treatment options to treat chronic pain.

Cancer pain — related to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or the tumor itself — may also be managed by a pain management physician, in conjunction with the referring oncologist.

Call our office today to book an appointment with our pain management team. Dr. Adam Sewell and staff are committed to providing the highest patient care. Your initial visit with Dr. Sewell will include a review of your medical records, evaluation, and an individualized diagnostic and therapeutic treatment plan.

Should you be recommended for a procedure, we will assist in obtaining an insurance authorization if necessary.